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How to Choose Gospel Tracts for Children - Is it Engaging?

by Sylvia Chua


Good kids' tracts should not just contain the gospel message. It should be able to convey the message of salvation in a way that a child can readily understand. And in order to do that, such gospel tracts must effectively engage the child.

  1. An Engaging Tract for Children is Visually Attractive

    First impressions are crucial, and visual elements like pictures and illustrations are usually the first things that catch the eye. A gospel tract designed for children should be visually attractive, appealing to a child such that the child would want to pick it up to read.

    Well designed tracts for kids use styles, designs and colors that appeal to children. They use fonts that are easy on a child’s eye and are not filled to the brim with words.
  2. An Engaging Tract for Children is Interesting to Read and Easy to Understand

    While visual elements are very important, the words that appear on the tract are equally crucial.

    An engaging kids’ tract uses simple words that children can understand and examples that children can relate to. Tracts that address a child’s felt need or ask thought-provoking questions are also very impactful.
  3. An Engaging Tract for Children Interacts with the Child

    Sharing the gospel with a child should not be a one-way affair. An engaging kids’ tract invites and encourages the child’s participation. Creative child evangelism tools such as the Gospel Buttons FlipAbout and I’m Jumping For Joy! Animated Tract make it easy to involve the child in the gospel presentation.

    For younger children, gospel tools such as the Greatest Gift Sticker Story may be a good way to engage them.
  4. An Engaging Tract for Children Gets the Child so Excited about the Gospel that the Child Will Share it with Friends!

    You will know that a child is fully engaged with the gospel tract when he or she can’t wait to share it with friends. This is a great bonus because the sharing of the gospel does not stop with one child, but gets passed on to many friends.

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