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Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!
Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!

Make Your Own Wordless Book

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Make Your Own Wordless Book

The Wordless Book first used by Charles Spurgeon in 1866 comprised only 3 colors – black, red and white.

The dark page represented sin, the red represented Christ’s blood, and the white page represented the cleansing of our sins through Jesus’ sacrifice.

Since then, several other colors have been added to this popular child evangelism tool.

Today’s version of the Wordless Book typically includes gold to represent heaven as well as green to represent growth in our relationship with Jesus.

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Our version of the Wordless book has a green cover and also includes 2 gold spreads – one at the beginning, and another at the end.

Read on to learn how to make your own Wordless Book.

Click here to learn more about sharing the gospel using the Wordless Book.

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Download and print the Wordless Book Printable.


Cut along the blue dotted lines.


Make creases along the yellow dotted lines.


Fold as illustrated.


Finish your Wordless Book by carefully applying glue behind the black, white and green panels.

Instructions on How to Use and What to Say can be found here.

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