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Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!
Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!

Wordless Book Variation – Gospel Plane

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Gospel Plane

Similar to the salvation bracelet, this child evangelism idea is based on the same colors as the Wordless Book. This fun-filled gospel presentation uses paper airplanes to share the message of salvation with children. (These Gospel Planes fly really well!)

2 free printables are provided – a full color version and an outlined version for kids to color. A detailed guide on how to explain salvation to a child is included below.

When Jesus taught his first disciples, he used things they were familiar with, like sheep, fish and bread. We can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by using items that children are familiar with to share with them the gospel message.

Folding and flying paper airplanes is popular with children. Use this activity as a variation to the popular child evangelism tool – the Wordless Book – to share the message of salvation with children.

Our heart’s desire is to equip churches and individuals with evangelism tools that are fun and effective. If you like this resource, please help us by telling your children’s ministry team and missions pastor about our unique Gospel tools:

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Age Group

  • 5 to 12


  • Letter Sized Papers
    (pre-printed with the Gospel Plane design)
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
    (only if you prefer the children to fill in the colors)


Click here for more child evangelism resources on how to explain salvation to a child.

The Wordless Book was first used by Charles Spurgeon in 1866, and it has become a very popular tool used all over the world to present the gospel to children.

This book of colored pages is not only extremely easy to use, it’s also very effective in communicating the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Click here for a guide on how to use the Wordless Book.


Download and print one of these printables based on how you plan to do this activity.
(You only need to use one of these printables.)

How to Fold the Gospel Plane

Remember to practice folding a Gospel Plane on your own before conducting this activity.


gospel plane 5400foldinga

Fold in half lengthwise.
Unfold to form a center crease.


gospel plane 5400foldingb

Fold the top two corners down.


gospel plane 5400foldingc

Fold the top point down.


gospel plane 5400foldingd

Fold the top two corners down again.


gospel plane 5400foldinge

Fold the point up.


gospel plane 5400foldingf

Fold in half.


gospel plane 5400foldingg

Fold the two flaps down.

What to Do


Show the children the completed Gospel Plane.

gospel plane 5400a


Provide the materials and guide the children in making their own Gospel Planes.
Make sure that the children write their names on their own airplanes before flying them.


Organize a Gospel Plane flying competition. See whose airplane…
  • Is the most beautifully colored?
  • Flies the furthest?
  • Is able to land in a designated area?
Consider awarding prizes for the best Gospel Planes (or for all children).


Display all the Gospel Planes in front of the class. Have the children sit down.
Begin sharing the message of salvation.

What to Say


Talk to the children about their Gospel Planes…
  • Did they have fun making their airplanes?
  • Do they like their airplanes?


Talk to the children about real airplanes
  • Have they ever sat in a real airplane? Where did they go? Did they have fun there?
  • If they could fly to anywhere in the world in a real airplane, where would they want to go?


Explain that there is a place that is far better than any of these places that they can go to in a real airplane
  • This place better than any holiday destination.
    • This place is perfect
    • There is no sickness, no pain and no hunger
    • No one ever dies
    • Everyone is perfectly happy
  • This place is called heaven.
  • They cannot get to heaven in a paper airplane or even a real airplane.
  • But heaven is a real place and there is only one way to get there.


Using the colors on the Gospel Plane, continue sharing the gospel in the same way as you would with the Wordless Book.

For other creative ways to share the Gospel, check out our Gospel TractsSalvation Bracelet and Halloween Tract.

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