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Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack

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This Sampler Pack contains 10 of our most popular Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools. Make evangelism fun with these awesome Gospel Tracts!

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10 in each pack

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This Sampler Pack contains 10 of our most popular Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools.

Make evangelism fun with these awesome Gospel Tracts!

Click on the links below to find out more about each of these Evangelism Tools.

"I ordered 200 of these to hand out at our community Easter event. The kids were so thrilled about these animated gospel tracts. After egg hunting, I saw kids sitting around, not looking through their plastic eggs, but going back through this tract with their parents!! My cup runneth over when God's Word is sweeter to a child than candy. Thanks for a great Gospel tool!!" - KidMin Monica

"We used them for a holiday program and also found that the kids picked them up quicker than the adults. The message sticks too; one young child gave his life to Christ and when I followed him up for baptism he was still able to use the tract to explain the gospel to me a month or so afterwards!" - Matt

"These pop-up books have helped our children understand God's love, their own sin and grace made available through Jesus' death on the cross. We have had dozens of kids begin a relationship with Christ because they understood the clear message of the gospel as presented through this gospel tract. It has been a golden resource for kids and families. Our Kids Ministry is so grateful for this amazing and clear resource!" - Janet

"My little nephews ages 7,9, and 12 loved the evangelism bracelets! Very well-made craft! And through the 5 colored beads on it they learned the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! and the words you included with each bracelet made it all so easy for them to learn! VERY WELL-MADE PRODUCT! And WEARING THE GOSPEL BRACELET is a great testimony they can use. My 6 year old walked up to a lady he did not know at my church on the day it all happened and asked her "did you know Jesus Christ died on the cross for sins?” Thanks to you all!" - Jackie Stephens

"This made a perfect treat to add to the party favor bags at our outreach Christmas Party. Having a gospel tract with a fresh & completely novel approach, ensures that this tract will be opened again and again as the kids re-live & re-tell the story. Money well spent - a great quality product!" - Jen

"These gospel tracts are beautiful and the children will love them for Easter. Very colorful and great illustrations and the pop outs are just wonderful and will engage your child to turn to the next page. The best part is that it gives the gospel to children. I’m going to use these for our Good News Club which is for children K-5th grade . I just know they will love them. Great Easter gift!" - Karen Bosch

"We used this for our VBS to encourage the kids to learn John 3:16. The kids loved learning to flip the books and they all learned the verse. Who can say what fruit the Lord will reap as a result of a little evangelism tool." - Linda

"I hand these bracelets out at our prayer tent in the local farmer's market and our local exhibition. Kids and adults alike love them and the story that goes with them. We have walked many through the salvation prayer, planted seeds and just shared the Gospel knowing that God's Word will bring conviction into their lives." - Karen

"The kids absolutely loved these gospel tracts! They capture the children's attention. I'll be buying more!" - Donnah

"These little books are well made of sturdy and attractive paper. A good child evangelism tool." - Debbie


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