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Greatest Gift

Sticker Story

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All kids love stickers. And all kids love gifts. What better way to tell children about the wonderful gift of salvation than with the Greatest Gift Sticker Story.

Product Number: 2110
Size: Open Size: 7 7/8 x 7 7/8 Inches; 200 x 200 mm Folded Size: 7 7/8 x 3 15/16 Inches; 200 x 100 mm

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US$ 15.95 (1 - 10 packs)

US$ 14.95 (11 - 20 packs)

US$ 13.95 (21 packs or more)

10 in each pack

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1 Open up the Greatest Gift Sticker Story and hold it such that the child sees a beautifully wrapped gift-box.


2 There should be 2 pages of stickers facing you. Do not reveal these stickers to the child yet.


3 Use the stickers of children’s favourite gifts to break the ice with the child.

You can talk about exciting gifts the child has received or gifts that he hopes to someday receive.

As you talk, peel off the stickers one at a time – without revealing the other stickers – and stick them on yourself or on the child.

Ensure that all the stickers on this page are removed as this page forms the blank storyboard you will need for your gospel presentation.


4 Fold the Greatest Gift Sticker Story and hold it with the blank storyboard facing the child.


5 The remaining stickers should be facing you.
You will be using these stickers to illustrate the gospel message.


6 With each part of your presentation, peel off the appropriate sticker and place it on the storyboard accordingly. Enlisting the child’s help in this simple task may make your presentation more engaging.


Guidelines on what to say can be found here.

Click here to download PDF instructions.

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