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Happy Easter!


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Easter Eggs with a difference! Designed to contain chocolates, candy or a small gift, this egg-shaped Box-Tract opens up to reveal a delightful gospel poem. Let’s spread the joy of Jesus coming alive!

Product Number: 5301
Size: Unassembled: 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches; 216 x 240 mm Assembled Box (approximate): 2 1/4 inches across, 2 3/4 inches tall; 55 mm across, 70 mm tall

Price per Pack:

US$ 11.95 (1 - 10 packs)

US$ 10.95 (11 - 20 packs)

US$ 9.95 (21 packs or more)

20 in each pack

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Brings joy to kids!

BY David

Assembly is a challenge, but thankfully there are links to tell you how it should be done. Once assembled, the eggs are attractive and lovely. Many kids receive them with joy (chocolate eggs inside of course!). Came across parents who opened the package in front of the kids and then read the gospel tract contents to them! Great way to share the gospel without offending!

Reviewed on 2017-05-29, 03:31:48

Not as easy as it seems

BY Suzan Rupp

These are great idea, just do not hold together. Return policy is you ship them back and then you are to get the postage and product money back. Still waiting for money. The other product I bought are great. They could work on customer service (answering the phone.) music blasting in your ear but they say. I can't here you. Also made to feel like it is a problem to send them back.

Reviewed on 2016-02-17, 12:17:47

Great Idea! Not so easily assembled.

BY Connie

The eggs are beautifully done with the true meaning of Easter right inside. They are however, a bit challenging to punch out of their individual sheets and even more difficult to assemble. Ours required tape to keep together which caused damage to the inside wording when they were opened by children. This made it hard, even impossible to read.

Reviewed on 2015-05-06, 12:54:34

Cheery Easter Eggs

BY Lynda Lim

Love the DIY and beautiful design. My 7-year old had fun assembling the eggs with ease, while I helped her push out the shape from the cardboard. This will be a real fun gift for the kids!

Reviewed on 2014-04-06, 06:53:11

Love these Easter Eggs!!!

BY Sylvia

I love these Easter Eggs! They are not only colorful and attractive on the outside, but it's the inside that's truly meaningful as it presents the gospel to the child in an engaging tone.I am not sure why some have difficulty with the assembly, but I have assembled several hundreds of them without any problems, filling them with small toys, stationery items and candies to give away. I was initially worried about these items dropping out of the eggs in the hands of young kids, so I shook them about and I am happy that the small gifts stayed securely inside the eggs. Watching me in action, my kids became just as excited as I am about these eggs, and persisted in asking to help me assemble them. I was at first reluctant to accept their assistance as I was worried that they may damage these beautiful eggs. But to my surprise, my ten-year-old son can manage punching out and assembling the eggs, and my seven-year-old daughter assembles them even faster than me! Hmmm... perhaps her small fingers are better at managing the small flaps :)

Reviewed on 2014-04-03, 21:16:22


BY Donna Jantzen

Not easy to assemble. Need to tape or glue to fasten together. But need to be able toeasily reopen to insert the candy.

Reviewed on 2014-04-03, 20:17:24

Happy Easter! Box Tracts

BY Winnie Cheong

Ease in assembling the beautifully designed Easter eggs and they stay firm in place.

Reviewed on 2014-03-27, 07:33:29

Easter Egg Box Tracts

BY Anita Yoakum

These are very colorful and with a wonderful salvation message inside. However, they are NOT easy to assemble, and once assembled they don't stay together. Disappointing.

Reviewed on 2014-03-13, 02:17:24

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