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Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!
Make evangelism fun with our unique child evangelism tools and gospel tracts!

Silicone Salvation Bracelet


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Sized for older children and youths, these Salvation Bracelets are handy gifts that are great conversation starters to share the gospel of salvation. Also available in Small and Large.

Size: Circumference: 7 inches (180mm) ; Width: ½ inch (12mm)
SKU: 9130

Price per Pack:

US$ 15.95

(1-10 packs)

US$ 14.95

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US$ 13.95

(21 packs and more)

20 bracelets in each pack

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Specially sized for older children and youths, this Silicone Salvation Bracelet is a simple accessory that you can wear on your wrist wherever you go. Use it as a conversation starter to share the gospel whenever opportunities arise.

These bracelets can also be conveniently handed out as gifts since each one is individually packaged with a simple explanation of the gospel message.

silicone salvation bracelet descriptiona

“I hand these bracelets, small, medium and large, out at our prayer tent in the local farmer’s market and our local exhibition. Kids and adults alike love them and the story that goes with them. We have walked many through the salvation prayer, planted seeds and just shared the Gospel knowing that God’s Word will bring conviction into their lives.” – Karen

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silicone salvation bracelet descriptionc

The Silicone Salvation Bracelets come in 2 other sizes:

silicone salvation bracelet descriptiond

Yellow reminds us of heaven.
God wants us all to be with him in heaven.

silicone salvation bracelet descriptione

The dark portion reminds us of sin.
Because we have all sinned, we cannot get to heaven on our own.

silicone salvation bracelet descriptionf

Red reminds us of the blood of Jesus.
Jesus came to earth to take the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross.

silicone salvation bracelet descriptiong

The clean portion reminds us that we can be made clean from sin by believing in Jesus. When we believe in Jesus, we can have a relationship with God and will one day be with him in heaven.

silicone salvation bracelet descriptionh

Green reminds us of things that grow.
It is important that we grow in our relationship with Jesus.

For Spanish Audiences:

This salvation bracelet only comes packaged with English instructions.
However, here is a simple guide to the gospel colors in Spanish which you can download and print:

Click here for the simple guide to the gospel colors in Spanish.

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