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The True Story of Christmas

Animated Tract

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These Christmas tracts tell the biblical story of Jesus' birth. With captivating animations throughout the tract, you will have a fully attentive audience. The true story of Christmas is that God sent his Son, Jesus, to be born on earth because he loves us very much and wants to be with us forever!

Product Number: 4401
Size: 4 3/8 x 3 1/8 inches; 110 x 80 mm

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US$ 15.95 (1 - 10 packs)

US$ 14.95 (11 - 20 packs)

US$ 13.95 (21 packs or more)

10 in each pack

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Not just for kids.

BY Lyonden

I ordered the True Christmas story to put in my Christmas cards. The animation gets everyone's (big kids too) attention and they go through the whole book to see the next page. There are people on my card list who would not read the story of Jesus even at Christmas, but this story they will read to the end.

Reviewed on 2020-12-21, 02:49:54

Great way to share the Christmas Story!

BY Andrea T.

Love this gospel track! One of my favorite ways to share the gospel during Christmas!

Reviewed on 2020-12-20, 01:09:45

Love This Tract!

BY Kim

I ordered these tracts for our Sunday morning small groups. They are a fantastic hands on way for the children to interact with the story. They couldn't wait to show their parents and older siblings. Even the parents loved them and wanted to know if we had any extras. Highly recommend!!

Reviewed on 2017-02-14, 10:46:29

Encourages Kids to Re-live

BY Jen

The "True Story of Christmas Animated Tract" made a perfect treat to add to the party favor bags at our outreach Christmas Party. We were aiming for an unchurched crowd of early elementary-aged kids not familiar with the details of the Biblical Christmas story. We did a puppet show of the Christmas Story, and it was wonderful to have a tangible tract to send home with the children to reinforce their memory of the story. I'm usually not a fan of gimicks to share the gospel, but in this case, having a tract with a fresh & completely novel approach (the kids can maneuver a sheet over the pages that brings the pictures to life), ensures that this tract will be opened again—-maybe even multiple times, as the kids re-live & re-tell the story. I was hesitant to buy this product at first, because the price was more than I was planning to spend. But I wasn't able to find anything else that I liked nearly as much. In retrospect, it was money well spent--a great quality product!

Reviewed on 2016-03-22, 11:03:29

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