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Wordless Book

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This all-time classic is not only extremely easy to use, it’s also very effective in communicating the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Great tool

BY Liezl

We are running a kids ministry in Zambia and train local teachers to share the gospel effectively with children and disciple those who respond by giving them the meat of the word, equip them for ministry and have them spend time in the presence of God. The wordless books are a wonderful tool for the teachers to use. The laminated pages are strong and durable and withstand frequent use. The small size make it easy to carry with them everywhere. The teachers especially love the shiny gold page as that color is hard to find in the villages. Will definitely purchase again.

Reviewed on 2020-12-20, 07:45:28

Wordless Book

BY Denise

We are excited to take these books to Guatemala in Feb 2020 and do short lessons with the children of the AOJ school there!

Reviewed on 2019-11-25, 20:42:39

The shiny gold page is an attention grabber!

BY Chris Laughlin

At our Mother-daughter Tea the distracted little girls were immediately captivated by the shiny gold page on my big Wordless Book. I was so happy to find these small copies with the shiny gold page so I could give each girl a copy of her own. I love the way the Wordless Book provides the opportunity to clearly share God's plan of salvation by faith alone in Jesus alone with the inside colors and then has the green on the outside to show that once we trust Jesus as our Savior and our place in heaven is secured, we are thus born into God's family and then can begin to grow (green). "Life in Christ is a wonderful thing, everybody shout and sing, It's a thing that grows and grows and grows and grows and grows!"

Reviewed on 2019-11-19, 22:07:17

Very good quality.

BY Cheryl

The quality is very good. It isn't the wordless book I have used and made in the past but I can work with the different order of colors.

Reviewed on 2019-05-09, 14:43:44

Keep up the good work

BY Agnes Kielly

I’ve used your wordless book for the last 9 years on my trips to Nepal and Myanmar training teachers. They illustrate the gospel yes and also show a biblical worldview and a restored image bearer’s mindset. We make book marks, booklets, bracelets, and flipping heart cards. Absolutely useful. In my personal collection I have a large copy of the wordless book with pictures and words. Keep up the good work.

Reviewed on 2018-10-29, 06:44:01

Great tool for sharing God's love!

BY Linda

We used this book with all ages in our VBS. Everyone understands the message. Great quality.

Reviewed on 2018-10-27, 18:32:10

Have loved this book for years.

BY Danita

I found out about the Wordless Book many years ago when I purchased my Children's Resource Bible. I misplaced my Bible, may have to purchase another. Excellent little book. I taught children and seniors with it!

Reviewed on 2018-10-27, 12:02:58

Great for preschoolers

BY Carol

Super simple to explain even to 2 and 3 year olds the gospel plan of salvation.❤

Reviewed on 2018-10-26, 23:52:48

Great tool for evangelism

BY Randy

The Wordless Books were a good size for children. I handed them out to my students at the end of our VBS week after we learned about the colors. The package of Wordless Books is economically priced and the books themselves are made with a nice quality paper.

Reviewed on 2017-08-15, 00:27:15

Good size

BY Carol

The size of this wordless book is great to fit in your purse or pocket and the suggested info to share with each page is great.

Reviewed on 2017-07-13, 05:27:49

Perfect for mission trip

BY Christ Fellowship Church

Used these to help share the gospel on an overseas mission trip. Very useful!

Reviewed on 2017-07-11, 12:44:50

Excellent Quality Evangelism Resource

BY Jeri

I've been using the wordless book for over forty years to share the Gospel with children, teens, and adults. I ordered over 200 books to get the discount price, hoping the quality would be sufficient to distribute when I speak at women's events. WOW...the quality far exceeds what I was expecting...it's glossy cardstock, not just construction-type paper. The colors are vibrant and it's a great evangelism tool. It's also the perfect size, small enough to keep in my billfold or purse when traveling. I highly recommend!

Reviewed on 2017-06-21, 22:07:36

Amazing tool for outreach

BY Sheree

We took a few hundred of these wordless books to Haiti in March, to our school in Passe Catabois. We started with teaching the students the gospel on Monday. By Friday, we passed the small books out and taught them to evangelize in their homes and neighborhood. We are His hands and feet.

Reviewed on 2017-05-31, 12:45:54

Wordless Book

BY Becky

Ordered these to use along with a missionary story (Madugu from Child Evangelism Fellowship) that uses the Wordless Book. They are excellent quality at a great price! The kids all loved them and were so excited to get their own Wordless Books to use and share.

Reviewed on 2017-05-30, 21:04:45

Wordless book

BY Nancy Waskey

Just as great as when I saw it as a child. This is how my mom explained the plan of salvation to me and using the song words I will explain it to the little ones in my family.

Reviewed on 2017-02-06, 08:41:43

Wordless Book

BY Jane

I ordered these - mainly for personal evangelism as a 'tool' for sharing my faith. I keep a wordless book in almost every bag I have, and they are a simple and effective way of 'gossiping the gospel'! (Not many folk read a book with no words - but this 'book' speaks volumes. . .! Let me tell you the story of this book. . .!)

Reviewed on 2017-02-01, 02:05:50

VBS teacher

BY Cindy

I use these for our VBS kindergarten class. Most of the kids cant read yet, but with these they have a book to "read " and share with their friends and family.

Reviewed on 2017-01-29, 19:26:28

Loved them all!

BY Pastor Carol Ann, Angels for Christ Ministries

Loved them all, keep up the great work for the GOOD NEWS.

Reviewed on 2017-01-24, 22:37:06


BY Lois Brown


Reviewed on 2016-09-20, 11:12:55

i think its important to teach correctly

BY riley

First of all, the wordless book, as shown here is, well, incorrect. It's not the wordless book at all. If you are going to educate. Educate correctly. in order Green- in the beginning there was the garden of eden. Black- sin entered the world through the taking of the forbidden fruit. Red- the blood Jesus shed on the cross. to wash away all our sins. White- without sin, pure. Blue- water, baptism. Gold- in heaven with God for eternity.

Reviewed on 2016-05-21, 00:29:12

Wordless Book

BY Doris Mersereau

I used the Wordless Book at Vespers at a Christian Camp. The children responded so well to it and most had it memorized by the second day. 15 of them accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Reviewed on 2015-10-28, 03:40:02

Wordless Book

BY Joan

I've used the Wordless Book for years with kids but love how this version begins and ends with God.

Reviewed on 2015-10-26, 06:19:07

So Simple!

BY Linda

Using the wordless book is the most graphic way of presenting the good news to anybody, child or grownup. Everybody gets it. And I love the two separate gold pages--because Heaven is God's original and ultimate plan for us!

Reviewed on 2015-10-25, 18:13:22

Easy and very effective.

BY Susan

User and Listener friendly. Used them on our mission trip to Bogota, Columbia and the kids were very enthusiastic. Can't wait to use them back in the States. God is good!

Reviewed on 2015-07-08, 06:06:37

Wordless Book

BY Debbie

These little books are well made of sturdy and attractive paper. A good child evangelism tool.

Reviewed on 2014-06-16, 15:29:08

Wordless Book

BY Angie

We used these books in a Good News Club after we taught 5 lessons explaining what each color meant. The books were well made and significantly less expensive than those from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Reviewed on 2014-06-12, 18:46:51

Wordless Books

BY Mary Umbaugh

We used the Wordless Books this summer for Bible School to present the Gospel. We had 3 boys receive Jesus as their Savior and one girlwith some spiritual questions.All the children received a Wordless Book and seemed to like being able to share the message in a unique way.

Reviewed on 2013-09-16, 08:02:53


BY Tammy

I ordered them for our Kids Club, a faith-based after school program for elementary schools. The Book and plan was presented as the large group lesson and then discussed in the small groups. Very effective, the truth simply presented with a timeless tool. One of the assistants in a small group had prepared woven thread bracelets in the colors for everyone, in addition to giving them each a Book to take home. Wonderful evangelism tool...Thank you and God bless

Reviewed on 2013-09-13, 09:49:26

Wordless Book

BY Nancy

I used these during a vacation bible school presentation. After I explained the colors, each child was given a book to take home and share with someone else. The children were delighted. It is an effective tool to use with children.

Reviewed on 2013-09-12, 19:15:51

Wordless Book

BY Flordeliza

It's so simple in presenting the gospel specially for the children.

Reviewed on 2012-04-29, 23:28:30

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